This is your Opinionated Host

Over the last twenty-five years, Andrew Leon Hudson has worked a mixed bag of jobs. Selling contact lenses. Delivering intoxicants. Answering telephones. Combating non-existent global computer failures. Rubbing Sylvester Stallone down with sandpaper. He worked for Britain’s Best Butcher as a teenager and the British Army as a civilian, co-ran a small internet business with his parents, taught English to the Spanish, has repeatedly been unemployed, and is currently embarking on his final ever career, as a writer. So really he’s just unemployed again.

He has rarely been a professional in the past. Now he is a dedicated amateur, in the original, best sense: he loves writing. If you’d like to know more about his fiction, click over to his minimalist, pseudonymous news blog here. If you can’t be bothered, then he doesn’t want you to read his stuff anyway, so there.

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