My top ten “new” reads of 2016

Two years ago I had a fantastically inventive and original idea — to report back on the best books I’d read in the preceding twelve months — and since then I’ve continued to use it to take the internet by storm, garnering much praise in private communications the details of which I won’t divulge here. Who am I to buck that trend, just because 2016 has been a colossal stinker in every other regard?
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My top ten “new” reads of 2014

I managed to fit over thirty novels under my belt this year (twenty-nine I can name for sure, plus a few more lurking in the shadows). I’m happy to report that very few were a disappointment, but (conveniently) exactly ten struck me as particularly praiseworthy, and what better time to salute them than December 31st? None! So here they are, in (I think) the very order I read them. Continue reading