The Call Back – Sue Burke

Welcome to the slightly grainy world of the Call Back Interviews, a chance for previous guests to return for a more detailed, in-depth chat. The word counts are off and the axe is back on the wall where it belongs – so why not relax and kick back in a patented, 50s-through-70s-styled green leather chair and get ready to talk about Life, the Universe, and Everything

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Mini film reviews – Part One

I’ve decided I don’t do enough with this blog any more, but since I’ve a few things lined up for the year to come I’d like to provide it with some padding to soften their landing a little. I’ve watched quite a few movies since the start of 2018, so I’m going to post groups of ten mini reviews as I go.

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My top ten “new” reads of 2017

This is probably the year I’ve added to this blog the least since I started it — correction: this being my first post of the year, this is definitely the least active The Cartesian Theatre has ever been. I had to go check, but I started in 2008, and only in 2011 did I come close with a measly two posts. In 2017, my time has been consumed almost entirely by real-world work, along with one unreal-world collaborative writing project (which has been a lot of fun, and hopefully will continue to be so). However, there is always time for reading! Here’s what I reading!! Reading!!!
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