The Hollywood Interviews welcome guests from around the worldosphere with an invitation to tell us all about themselves – in 25 words or less. Okay, okay, it’s not as bad as all that: they get 25 words per answer. They can wax lyrical if they want, but beware: I edit with an axe…

  1. N. E. White – speculative fiction writer and anthology editor
  2. Daniel Ausema – steampunk author and earnest literary stay-at-home dad
  3. Tom Olbert – dark scifi author and volunteer for progressive causes
  4. Jane Harris – playful/hard-as-nails author of historical fiction
  5. Milo James Fowler – speculative-fictioneer and submissions motivator
  6. Eric James Spannerman – the second spec-fic author with James in his name in two weeks
  7. Matt Drabble – footsoldier in the modern self-publishing revolution
  8. Sue Burke – spec fic author and translator of Medieval Blockbusters
  9. William Shaw – detective fiction author, journalist and bicycling Brightonian
  10. Charlotte Ashley – Alexandre Dumas fanatic and, apparently, some kind of super-woman
  11. K. M. Tolan – one of the industrious new wave of fantasy and science fictioners
  12. Chris Pavesic – the most recent convert to the Church of the Darkside Codex
  13. A. Merc Rustad – writer, film-maker, robot and dinosaur enthusiast. And… robosaurs?
  14. Davis Ashura – an author of too many facets to easily – or concisely – describe…
  15. Rosie Claverton – doctor, psychiatrist, screenwriter, crime novelist… the list goes on
  16. Susan Boulton – middle-aged working mum, steampunk author, disgraceful ager
  17. Cameryn Moore – playwright/performer, sex activist, sidewalk pornographer, etc., etc.
  18. Rebecca Strong – international playgirl of mystery, whose novel is going to get her vanished
  19. Glenn Conley[CHARMER] who reviews books he hates while [OFTEN] swearing (NSFW)
  20. Gil Williamson – online magazine editor, and computer programmer since the dawn of time
  21. Stephen Palmer – writer of ecologically themed sci-fi and fantasy
  22. Nicola Prentis – producer of educational romances and sexualised parodies (and a baby)
  23. Kameron Hurley – Chief Instigator. Nuff sed.
  24. SL Huang – adder of math-involved action thrillers and subtracter of chocolate spread
  25. Clive Lane – actor/producer of stage and screen, playwright — face it, he’s a luvvie
  26. Rory Stamp – blue-cheese oppressor and massive-selling children’s author
  27. B. Morris Allen – online magazine proprietor and fan of beautiful fiction
  28. Alice Fitzgerald – latest in a string of Madrid-based literary success stories!


Welcome to the slightly grainy world of The Call Back Interviews, a chance for previous guests to return for a more detailed, in-depth chat. The word counts are off and the axe is back on the wall where it belongs – so why not relax and kick back in a patented 50s-through-70s-styled green leather chair and get ready to talk about Life, the Universe, and Everything

  1. Daniel Ausema – discusses writing, parenting, improvisational comedy and life in the Rockies
  2. Stephen Palmer – discusses cover art, early success, and publishing three novels a month
  3. Sue Burke – discusses her debut novel, characterful ecology and Victorian-era titles



Taking these title themes to their tastelessly logical conclusion, The Casting Couch Interviews are a chance for previous guests to get distressingly intimate in a desperate bid to secure a glittering future for themselves – pitifully unaware that I have absolutely no way to deliver one.