Free Fiction

…which is to say, list of links. Most of what I have out there really is out there: click the title, read it in your web browser. These are the ones that kept me going–not in terms of money, but like the milestones you pass on a loooong journey. Each one says you’re a little bit closer.

Speculative Fiction

This section could–should–really be called MYTHAXIS, since it is at exactly that clean, simple sf webzine that the next six pieces are to be found, waiting, for your eyes only. And let me take this opportunity to thank the editor, Gil Williamson, for taking them on.

The Prophets Speak

Inspired by two of my favourites–sf classic Stranger in a Strange Land and 1970s cinema satire Network–this is a short story about the future of religion and entertainment news.

Flesh Doubt

The first of two off-kilter flash fiction pieces about tampering with oneself. This one the body


this one the mind. The second weird flash story about self-interference I was just talking about.

Tear Drops

Another flash, exploring the potential ramifications of suppressing the healing power of grief.

First In, Last Out

Another, yes, another Mythaxis flash fiction, this one about foolishly working yourself to death in search of the singularity.

Must be in the Fifties

And the last–for now at least–of my Mythaxis flash fictions, a tongue-in-cheek piece of Americana about keeping up with the Joneses and having the neighbourhood’s best ride.

The lines, the trees, the cliffs, the eaves

Finally, a piece not published by one of my close personal friends who owes me a life-saving favour. This is a “flash suite”, that is, multi-part story in which each piece is no more than a thousand words long. It was a competition entry on the unique website Defenestrationism, where it took the coveted (they assure me) Dark Horse Accolade, and delighted I was to receive it. The story now enjoys pride of place in one of my own books, Absences, but you can still get a taster of it through the window…

Young Adult

Not my usual thing, although it is a genre I will one day spend more time writing in.

Easy as ABC

A short anti-bullying tale commissioned for the appropriately named “Young Adult Magazine” (requires free registration to view). Also my first paying gig!


And a little bonus: a guest review of David Wong’s comedy-horror novel John Dies at the End, written for what was once the internet’s number one annual month-long Halloween scarefest, The Kind of Face You Slash.

read minds, make time stop, cook pasta that’s exactly right every time


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