Interviews, why not?

It’s been longer than I thought since I added anything to this blog, but over the last month I’ve had the privilege of conducting a few interviews for (for whom I also served as anthology editor last year), so seeing as I’ve not hosted anyone here for almost half a year I thought I’d quickly draw a little attention to them.

At the beginning of March, I talked to Pippa DaCosta, a UK fantasy and sci-fi author who seems to have exploded out of nowhere in 2013 and now has a number of different series going strong — benefits of a background in marketing, I think (curse my useless degree).

And just a few days ago another interview went live, this time with Terryl Whitlatch, an illustrator who specialises in animal anatomy and who was, amongst other things, the head creature designer for Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

This one was special for me, as it brought back memories of the best job I’ve ever had, working on that very film in a small, menial and highly entertaining role (and, since it never would have happened if I’d studied somewhere else, I guess I shouldn’t curse that degree after all).

So, why not pop over to SFFWorld and check them out — or any of the other interesting interviews and articles that show up there on a daily basis!


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