Café Culture – Karl Marx Special

It’s been a while since I linked to the comic I am co-authoring, what with all the book reviewing going on, so I thought I’d rectify that with a giant play through of our recent strips. We did an extended piece of philosophical analysis on Karl Marx, and now you can enjoy it all in one go…

Café Culture

So, we’re having some fun doing this, but the process is not without its teething problems. The last script was meant to end on a “get rid of the other guy and make yourself scarce” joke, but during construction it was interpreted as bearded Barry suddenly realising he’d been left to pay the bill, hence the stricken expression in those last two frames… Anyway, once we’ve got the process down tight we’ll start adding humour as well, and then it’ll take off in no time. Right?


4 thoughts on “Café Culture – Karl Marx Special

  1. I like them. It’s not in your face funny, but they are entertaining. Don’t stop. I’m sure they’ll get better. 🙂 Who’s doing the drawing?

    1. “Not in your face funny, but” will be the cover quote for the first year anthology.

      The art is by Lance Tooks, a former New Yorker who used to work for Marvel Comics, but now hangs out in Madrid bars sketching passers-by and working on various weird and wonderful material.

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