…and they all lived Happily Ever After

Were you sitting comfortably?

Then I’ll finish:

Over the last month and a half I’ve reviewed sixteen books, short stories and games (and a film), all of which could be described as representing fantasy, fairytale, folklore or mythology. I did this as part of a blogathon project, mainly because I’ve fallen out of the habit of writing reviews recently. I might write another in 2018…

All told, the participants blogged nearly two hundred reviews, and if you’re interested you can find links to them all at Once Upon a Time IX. Too many to read them all, but I enjoyed the ones by “Amanda @ Opinions of a Wolf” if you’d like a recommendation.

You can pick mine out from that list, or you could click here to read them all in awkward reverse order, but for the sake of tidiness here they are, by category in the order I reviewed them:

two novels, two novellas and a cheesy/annoying bit of silver-screen fun from the 1930s

Fairytale: Six-Gun Snow WhiteCatherynne M. Valente

Fantasy: Scale BrightBenjanun Sriduangkaew

Mythology: The Owl ServiceAlan Garner

Folklore: The WakePaul Kingsnorth


Film: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Part 1 and Part 2Max Reinhardt


all taken from the ebook short story collection RETOLD – Six Fairytales Reimagined

Hunting MonstersS. L. Huang

In Her Head, In Her EyesYukimi Ogawa

Mrs. YagaMichal Wojcik

The Mussel EaterOctavia Cade

The Astronomer Who Met The North WindKate Hall

The 99th BrideCatherine F. King


four independently produced games which explore story and character first and foremost

Pixel-Past Mythology: Super Brothers Sword & Sworcery EP

Contemporary/Urban Fantasy: Papo & Yo

Future Fairytales: Knytt Underground

Timeless Folklore: The Path


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