Café Culture Comics

At the end of last summer, I was sat outside a bar in Madrid one glorious blue-skied afternoon chatting with a friend about books we’d read, films we’d watched, news we’d heard, and idly BarryPic1speculating about new creative projects we might try our hand at, which in many ways just made it pretty much like any other day in the life over the last three years (I’m not telling this to make you envy my enviable lifestyle, but go right ahead if you want to).

As we watched scantily-clad lovelies strolling through the sun, AdamPic1my friend sipped his beer, tapped his cigarette, and suggested “We could write a web comic”. My immediate reaction was to remember this video and all the pitfalls described within, but in a dazzling example of art trying to imitate life (and/or eye-to-mouth-brain-bypass creativity) I said “Sure, we’ll callWaiterPic1 it Café Culture, and it’ll be about two guys sat outside a café and talking about culture.”

That has now come to pass, which (given my ratio of ideas to implemented ideas being what it is) approaches the bloody miraculous. It’s got a website, Twitter, Facebook, the lot.

All we need to do now is make it funny.

My collaborator of that fateful day is David Kelly, with whom I’m writing the scripts and who is (thank all the gods) in charge of promoting the project, and our artwork has been provided with customary selfless generosity and bubbling enthusiasm by cartoonist Lance Tooks.

Starting next week, I’m going to repost each new strip here to try and make The Cartesian Theatre seem like a more interesting place to visit, but to celebrate our fourth (week’s) anniversary, here are the first comics, all in a row (click the images to see them full size):

Café Culture comes out every Thursday, I hope you’ll let us know if it ever makes you smile.




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