TCT’s Hollywood Interview #15

…with Rosie Claverton

The Cartesian Theatre invites guests from around the worldosphere to tell us all about themselves – in 25 words or less. Okay, it’s not as bad as all that: they get 25 words per answer. They can wax lyrical if they want, but beware: I edit with an axe…

This week, let’s give a big hand to Rosie Claverton, the author of a series of Cardiff-based murder-mysteries (which I’ve read and really enjoyed, hence the invite!).

Hi, Rosie, tell us “all” about yourself.

I’m a novelist, screenwriter, playwright and junior psychiatrist. I write genre, from crime to fantasy to romantic comedy to thriller — and sometimes plain drama too!

What is the most inspirational thing you’ve ever read – and why?

Save the Cat by Blake Snyder – because it was the screenwriting book that showed me stories weren’t entirely made of magic but also rules to follow to make more stories.

I’m a devotee of The Writer’s Journey myself, but we can agree to disagree. What was your first published work?

Binary Witness, first of The Amy Lane Mysteries — an agoraphobic hacker and a streetwise ex-con fight crime in Cardiff. (Technically, awful teen poetry came first…)

What’s the best thing you’ve never had published?

An alternate history about a Pacific island people who adopt lost children and teach them martial arts. I invented a language, but never finished it.

What are you most proud of – in your life, not just your writing?

My medical degree and my psychiatry qualification, though the books are definitely up there! Also, my husband — for having the good sense to marry me.

Tell us about your latest work – novel, short story, shopping list, whatever.

I’ve just released an Amy Lane short story, plus I’m writing a period fantasy mystery novel, a feature-length screenplay about a feminist society reunion, this

Pitch us your unwritten masterpiece – you’re in the Hollywood elevator now…

What if a modern, sex-positive, independent, female therapist was gifted an old book haunted by the ghost of Sigmund Freud? ELEKTRA’S GHOST.

If only one person was to ever read your work – who would you want it to be?

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – because we could form a “Doctors Who Write Detectives” society and I could be the Secretary. We could drink tea and complain about the moral degeneration—

Oh yeah? Well, THIS is what I think of “Doctor Who”

It kills me to cut you short there – if only everyone else could read what I just did… So, what are your plans for the future – all of it?

Move back to Wales, new job, spawn, write more novels, make great films, win a Dagger, write a TV show, win a BAFTA (Oscar optional).

Okay, my thanks to Rosie for not buckling under the pressure… just the enthusiasm! You can find out more about her at Swords & Lattes, and maybe she’ll come back again one day, more under relaxed circumstances…

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