Book Burning

Ah well: my novel is now officially Off The Shelves… but I’m grateful to all those who bought a copy over the last nine months or so – and to those brave few who dived into my last-minute poem contest, so here’s a final rhyme before I die:

For The Lost Muse Contest Winners

Thank you to all my contestants,
I’ll shortly be sending your books,
To help you recover, because now you know:
Rhyming is harder than it looks.

The losers won’t leave empty-handed,
Consolations to the other four,
I hope you enjoy The Glass Sealing,
One day it will surface once more.

But first prize goes to Peggy Helminiak,
Your rhyme was the one I liked best.
So to you, The Glass Sealing, plus my other books:
I hope you like the Weird West…


One thought on “Book Burning

  1. Ps: yes, I know, that should read “the other five” after Robert E’s late submission, not “the other four” – but I wrote this before he dropped in and I couldn’t think of a new rhyme… short of a Frankensteinesque “It’s ALIVE!”

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