The “Lost Muse” Contest

DC3 Glass300200In case you don’t have your finger on the pulse of my life as a writer, it’s now my sad duty to inform you that the publisher of my novel, the small press Musa Publishing, will shut up shop for good at the end of the month. It’s a real shame since they’re a lovely bunch of people, and I wish everyone involved, both the publishing team and the authors, all the best in the future.

What that will mean for The Glass Sealing, book three in The Darkside Codex steampunk shared world series, is not yet clear, but seeing as it will most likely become unavailable at least for a while I thought I’d throw out a contest and offer the world some free copies before the fateful day comes around!

Here’s your challenge: write a rhyming poem of at least four lines which includes the phrase…

The Glass Sealing or The Glass Ceiling

Post your work as a reply to this post. The best three entries will receive a copy of TGS in the ebook format of their choice, as long as that choice is PDF, EPUB or MOBI (so mention which you’d like when you submit). All poetic forms are welcome – I have a particular taste for limericks and iambic pentameter, but if you get the rhythms wrong I will not look kindly on you!

Sadly, the clock is ticking – get your entries in by midnight on Thursday. I’m looking forward to reading quality rhymes like the fast peeling, the last feeling, “I’m past reeling”, etc…


15 thoughts on “The “Lost Muse” Contest

  1. Ah, man, I can’t rhyme to save myself. Seriously. Let’s see…sealing, pealing, cleaning, dealing, reeling, kneeling, krilling (that’s a word, right?), feeling, peeling, baling, gelling, healing, leering…

    I got to cleaning
    too much kneeling;
    skin started peeling
    so tried Glass Sealing;
    Arthur was feeling
    but Darkside killing
    has got me back to cleaning.

    Did that make any sense?

  2. I will try to post with extreme confidence. Here are my rocking rhymes. Please deliver in EPUB format…

    Ah what a sad feeling
    To see the door shut on the Glass Sealing.
    It looks like a great read
    So I want… No, actually I need
    To write the best rhymes and win this free dealing.

  3. A killer is stalking the streets.
    I bite my nails.
    I jump at every sound.
    When I am scared, I am reeling.
    But, this is the feeling,
    I want to experience,
    When I finally get to read,
    “The Glass Sealing”

  4. Don’t tell me you haven’t been warned, Andrew.

    There once was a story with a name so appealing
    That even its genre did not disenchant
    Bearing the title of “The Glass Sealing”
    It turned out to be amusing even for author’s aunt.

    1. Hmm, now, this is more like it… The scansion wobbles a bit, but it has the ghost of a rhythm to it and some rhyming variety. I have no aunts or uncles, but you’re not to know that.

      Have a gold star!

  5. O Woeful Author, sadly dealing
    With sad goodbye and mournful feeling
    Start anew, with hopeful healing
    And gift this fan with ‘The Glass Sealing’

    PDF format

  6. My congratulations to Peggy as the winner, and first runner up goes to Rebecca. However, since it was just five of you who took part, I can’t bring myself to send two of you home empty-handed – so you all get a copy of The Glass Sealing (and Peggy can have something extra as a bonus!).

    Send me an email at –

    andrew (dot) leon (dot) hudson (at) gmail (dot) com

    – and I’l mail back your copies (and again, mention which format you’d like if you didn’t already).

    Thanks to you all for taking part – you’ve made my downfall that little bit less painful!

    1. I’ve only just seen this. So perhaps for no reward, but here anyway is:

      For fans of the vacuum-tube science
      Good transmission must be in compliance
      But with Musa’s now feeling
      They can lose their Glass Sealing
      We all lose, and our voice falls to silence.

      1. Robert, Robert, Robert… it’s a really good one, and since technically the door doesn’t close on my novel until tomorrow, I’m going to accept late entries right up until midnight! Send me an email at the address above, I’ll be happy to wing a copy your way too.

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