Mid-Weak… video?

It has long been believed that inventor Thomas Edison (pictured) was on hand to witness directly several unexplained events on the western coast of the United States in the early years of the 20th Century.

What had not been previously confirmed is the startling scope of what he, and others, saw. Until now.

In less than a day, life would change most utterly for the inhabitants of one North Western community.

So too for any forces of authority directed to cross into the affected region to intervene.

Yet previously, all claimed “evidence” has had the stench of speculative fraud about it – as is evident from these obvious fabrications.

No longer.

Alien Invasion 1905

Alien Invasion 1905 was written by the rather charming James Livermore, a penner of horror fiction currently embracing blanket anonymity, who also otherwise constructed the video. The music is by the frighteningly multi-talented Rodena Borisova, whose artistic inclinations can be viewed in various places.

The GIFs, which are not affiliated with this work but are still lots of fun, are by Kevin Weir.


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