TCT’s Hollywood Interview #14

…with Davis Ashura

The Cartesian Theatre now welcomes guests from around the worldosphere, with an invitation to tell us all about themselves – in 25 words or less. Okay, okay, it’s not as bad as all that: they get 25 words per answer. They can wax lyrical if they want, but beware: I edit with an axe…


This week, let’s give a big hand to Davis Ashura, a man of too many facets to easily describe!

Hi, Davis, tell us “all” about yourself.

I want to thank my team-mates for… wait, you aren’t interviewing me about my table tennis skills? Oops. Well, I’m a husband, father, doctor, wri—

Bang! That’s a new record, Davis – the axe to your very first answer!

Okay, let’s start over: what is the most inspirational thing you’ve ever read – and why?

The Bible, specifically the Beatitudes. Growing up Hindu in America, I was often the invisible outsider. The Beatitudes were a soothing hand on my shoulder—

Ooof – I feel a but guilty about that one… but them’s the rules: 25 words or the axe!

What was your first published work?

A Warrior’s Path, an epic fantasy reminiscent of ancient Greece and India. I have also published a case report on endocarditis, but it’s rather boring.

What is the best thing you’ve never had published?

The Unknown, a screenplay, my humble response to what I thought the TV show Lost should have been. Yes, I know, “Blessed are the meek”…

And on the subject of meekness: what are you most proud of – in your life, not just your writing?

I’ve done good work professionally, but I look forward to whatever my sons accomplish. If they are happy and successful, all the rest is cake.

Tell us about your latest work – novel, short story, shopping list, whatever.

It was Stories from Arisa, a collection set in my novel’s world. But I’ve just released the sequel, A Warrior’s Knowledge, which is available from—

Davis, Davis, Davis… once I get you going, there’s no stopping you! Well, almost

Pitch us your unwritten masterpiece – you’re in the Hollywood elevator now…

What if Superman was accused of murder? What if he was convicted? What prison could hold him?

DC must have beaten you to that one, surely! But if not… Anyway, if only one person was to ever read your work – who would you want it to be?

Joss Whedon, because he’s Joss Whedon. A longer explanation isn’t needed.

Hmm, he’s a bit Marvel these days, might be a conflict of interest there. So, what are your plans for the future – all of it?

Convince Joss Whedon to read my book, and figure out the rest later. Learn to squeeze all the joy I can out of life, and—

My arms are getting tired, Davis – these axe blows are getting smaller!

A few more of those and Shelley Duvall would be in real trouble… Davis really gave me a workout today, and he’s set a record for Most Number Of Cuts, so congratulations! You can find out more about him at his blog – maybe he’ll come back and finish some of those sentences when his next book appears.

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