TCT’s Hollywood Interview #10

…with Charlotte Ashley

The Cartesian Theatre now welcomes guests from around the worldosphere, with an invitation to tell us all about themselves – in 25 words or less. Okay, okay, it’s not as bad as all that: they get 25 words per answer. They can wax lyrical if they want, but beware: I edit with an axe…


This week, let’s give a big hand to Charlotte Ashley, whom I thought I knew, but just discovered to be some kind of superwoman.

Hi, Charlotte, tell us “all” about yourself.

I’m a writer, editor, essayist, bookseller, book collector, book historian & Alexandre Dumas fanatic. Also a Type-A workaholic and serial risk-taker. I have no fears.

What is the most inspirational thing you’ve ever read – and why?

Dune by Frank Herbert – because his civilization is built on perfecting human ability, culminating in the Kwisatz Haderach – which, obviously, I always planned to be when I grew up.

Since “fear is the mind-killer”, and you have no fears, I guess you succeeded. What was your first published work?

“Published” is a vague concept in the digital age. The first thing I was paid for was Fold in SFFWorld’s anthology, Lucky or Unlucky?

What is the best thing you’ve never had published?

Definitely my super-secret vagina dentata masochistic romance novel. The market just doesn’t know a good thing when they see it.

What are you most proud of – in your life, not just your writing?

I’m proud I’ve finally learned how to finish a project. But I also had a baby unassisted in my basement. That was kinda hardcore.

…I’m kinda at a loss for words.

I’m going for “congratulations” and/or “wow”. So, tell us about your latest work – novel, short story, shopping list, whatever.

It’s a novelette about an 18th century banker trying to convince clients to invest in an aerocarriage operation run by ogres, despite an inconvenient murder.

Pitch us your unwritten masterpiece – you’re in the Hollywood elevator now…

George Sand & Marie Duval are radical conspirators in 19th century France plotting to overthrow Napoleon III, who has been compromised by monarchist monsters.

If only one person was to ever read your work – who would you want it to be?

Alexandre Dumas – because he would want to become my collaborator and together we would flood the market with heroism and glory (starring more fighting women this time).

What are your plans for the future – all of it?

To build a literary empire of adventure novels so wild, so clever, and so inclusive that grimdark and dystopia go immediately out of style.

Never has there been a more noble cause. Thanks to Charlotte for not buckling under the pressure, and you can find out more at her blog. Maybe she’ll come back again one day, more under relaxed circumstances…

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