Mid-Weak Writing: “Song Title”

"Keyboard and Cress", by wetwebwork on Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)Every Wednesday from now until the end of the world, or the blog, I’m going to post a random bit of writing: a rhyme, something from an old folder or a work in progress, or if all else fails whatever random thing I scribbled down during the free-write warm up of my Tuesday Night Writers Club."Keyboard and Cress", by wetwebwork on Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Last night’s writing prompt was a fun one: pick a song title and write… but don’t include it, or the artist’s name, or the lyrics that follow – don’t hum the tune under your breath – just get something down and let the people you read it to guess what the song is. I picked a love song, as they’re always good and creepy when you get right down to the core of them. So, go ahead, punk: what’s my—


You’re so pretty.

I can’t be away from you for a minute. If you’d only relax, if you’d only treat me decently, if you’d just, you know, open your heart a tiny bit… then you’d know. And then everything’d be perfect.

But instead, all I have are questions. Why… why… why this, why that… Why?

You know you have two birthdays, like the Queen. The day you were born, of course, whenever that was, but more importantly, there’s the day you came into my life. One day you weren’t there, and the next day you were! That’s like being born, isn’t it? On that day, the sun was brighter, the sky was bluer, I made a wish, I looked into your eyes, and I just knew. I had to be…

But anyway.

I’ve seen other men watching you, you know. They follow you – I don’t think you notice, and that’s so like you not to! Too pure! And if you did, you’d be so nice about it, you’d probably smile and everything. But it makes me worry, to be honest. I don’t know these guys, I don’t trust them, how do you know they’re safe? I’m not saying you encourage them, not deliberately, and I guess it’s totally understandable on their part, I feel that way too – not the same way, I mean, it’s different with me, it’s not wrong and “outside” with me, you just need to let me in.

Just let me in. Let me near.

I’m coming nearer.

Because I desire it.

I need it. I need.

Answers in comments? First correct response gets a prize! *

* anyone I read it to/told the answer to/sang it with last night is disqualified from participating.

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