Only one man can kill this many Russians

Six-String Samurai is the true story of how Buddy Holly battled Slash of Guns ‘n Roses on a post-apocalyptic wind-farm for the soul of a young Rowdy Roddy Piper and a chance to succeed Elvis as the next king of Vegas after the fall of civilisation to a 1950s nuclear holocaust that saw the Russians conquer America.

Some people would call that a spoiler. I call it great.

Considered a break-through role for Guy “Memento” Pearce and featuring action scenes which Piper later credited with driving him towards a career in professional wrestling, the movie boasts a toe-tapping soundtrack from Red Elvises and cameo appearances from child-star Benicio Del Toro and a young John Cusack (or pre-breakdown Shia LaBeouf). And possibly actually Clint Eastwood.

Some people would call that bullshit.

I don’t care.


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