I said it would be easy…

1998, HBO: Sex in the City Development Meeting:

“Hey, Chad.”

“Hey, Brad.”

“We got ourselves a problem, buddy.”

“Hit me.”

“Don’t tempt me, pal, don’t tempt me! No, seriously, all our stuff is the bomb –“

“The muthafuckin’ bomb.”

“– as you say, Chad, mutha and fuckin’ and bomb. But is any of it for chicks?”

(A pause.)


“I don’t know what they are watching, Home Shopping Network, or maybe Roseanne is still running, but this is something we should deal with – we want to get the bitches on board, baby!”

“You’re not wrong, bud-a-rino, you are not wrong there. Woah, the bitches!”

“You’re damn tootin’! Anyhoo, I’ve got the solution right here in my pocket –“

“I bet you have, I bet you do, I’ve heard that about you –“

“Chad, please.”


“Can you be serious for just a moment?”

“Yeah, sorry man.”


“Yeah, jeez, go on. Brad, please. Please go on.”

“Okay then. Heh, ‘cos this is great, Chad, I mean it, here, look at this hardcopy too.”




“Okay. Okay: there’s these four chicks –“


(A pause.)

“Go on.”

“There’s these four chicks, and they live in, like, New York.”

(A pause.)


“I knew you’d like it! So it’s these four chicks, and, they have kind of girl-style adventures, shopping and shit like that, and they’ll all be hot, well, pretty hot, so the chicks in the audience won’t feel too inadequate, but hot enough that their guys won’t mind watching it with them and can fake like they’re caring.”

“That’s genius. So who are they?”

”Right, there’s this one chick, a pretty cute brunette say, who’s a bit wet but she’s like, everyone’s best friend ‘cos she’s so sweet. Who wants to get pregnant. And there’s this mousy red-head –“

“A mousy red-head?”


“Not a wildcat or something?”


“That’s, like, the most outrageous piece of writing I’ve ever heard.”

“I know! And there’s this one chick, who’s totally into, like, fucking, all the time and with lots of different guys.”

“Uh… and this is for chicks, right?”

“Yeah, because she’s, like, getting old.”


“But these are just the friends, because it’s really all about this other chick, the main one. She’ll be like a writer, or a painter or something, whatever, but a creative type, living in New York, it’s, like, every girl’s dream after ballerina or princess – and the whole show is about Relationships.”

“Ho-ho-lee shit!”

“I know!”

(A pause.)

“Hang on a minute. In this thing, it doesn’t say the main chick, it says the mane chick.”

“I know.”

“Mane, like a horse’s mane?”


(A pause.)

“You want Sarah Jessica Parker for the lead, don’t you?”

“You know it, baby.”


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