My top ten “new” reads of 2020

Boy, did I ever predict 2020 wrong. I mean, according to my last post on this slow, slow blog, I thought 2019 was bad… hah! What we’d have given to merely endure a retread of that cake-walk, instead of chainsmoking miseries large and small the way we all have done. And there’s still the god-damned Brexit to look forward to!* But in one or two regards, 2020 went okay — I read some very fine books for a start! Here’s the best of them:

this was written three days before Brexit was finally got done by Boris Johnson, the greatest Englishman since Winston Churchill in the mind of Boris Johnson, but since it’s still going to mess up the country for years to come I thought I’d leave the line as an example of the subtle, daring political satire which the British are famed for across the empire.
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My top ten reads of 2019

Lamentably, in 2019 the world came to a grinding halt, in the most part because I didn’t share the revelatory details of my reading activities in 2018. Disastrous climate change, despicable political upheavals, all this and more, with my poor self justifiably to blame.

Far be it from me to risk calamity on such a scale again, but happily I read some really good books in 2019, so we should assume 2020 is going to rock! And here’s why…
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Six Story Reviews: The Hugo Short Stories, 2018

Someone (naming no names) was pestering me to review this year’s Hugo short story nominations before the (inevitable?) winner is selected (at the end of this month), but I kept distracting myself from it, even after someone else (naming Sue Burke) did a rather good job of reviewing them too (only with somewhat divergent opinions of the contenders), so now (to cut a potentially even longer sentence short) I’m finally getting around to doing it too. Continue reading